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Jadon Sancho speaks out on his transfer value


In an inspiring interview with SoccerBible, and collaboration with Nike, Jadon Sancho has cleared up the air on many interesting topics. The interview’s topics ranged from his cultural background to his name in the transfer market.

Here are some of the finest excerpts from the interview:

On the Yellow wall at the Signal Iduna Park: “No way (I didn’t expect it to be so wild), it’s just crazy. Going straight to 80,000 people, it’s just mad.

On the transfer rumours to England: “No, the media’s the media. They’re always going to try and create a story, but this is how you manage it. For me, I just focus on my football. I just want to do what’s best for my team and win titles at the end of the day.

On his transfer value of £100 Million: “I guess it’s a nice feeling to be worth so much, but again, I don’t really look at it that much. For me, it’s about doing well for my team and doing well for myself as well.

On his London roots: “Of course. I feel like if you’re from London then you automatically click with the same type of people, because you’ve kind of been through the same things; you’ve had to do a lot of things to get you out of sticky situations. You can just relate with each other.

On his five-a-side street team: “Right, Neymar’s there. Robinho. This is basically going to be a Brazilian five-a-side team. Ronaldinho. Put myself in there! Don’t need a keeper… and Ronaldo. Brazilian. So yeah, it’s the Brazilian five-a-side team x Sancho.


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