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Borussia Dortmund to resume normal training sessions


With coronavirus still at its peak in most countries, a number of activities in the sports sector have been stalled. This includes transfers, training among others.

In other countries there is lock down forbidding interactions or gathering of people up to a given number. This involves various precautionary measures that individual team managements have put in place to help protect their players.

Borussia Dortmund however considered returning back to training today. This will call for discipline among the players to obey the safety measures put in place. The players will be split up in groups of two each. This will enable them to do a partial training until the 6th of April.

Currently there is no clue on when the league will resume. Dortmund are on the other hand trying to keep their players in good shape while at the same time taking the necessary precautions to keep them safe.


Emre Can, a stunning midfielder is keen on getting back to business, even though all the team mates may not be available. His training partner would be Mahmoud Dahou on Monday.

“It’s important that we go back to the field, it doesn’t get boring.” Emre Can said, in his statement to the Sport1. “It will be very, very difficult. We still have direct duels with Bayern and Leipzig,” the German international added.

“We have a good squad, it won’t be easy. But I think yes, that it is still possible.”

The German top football league is currently at its peak with only nine matches to go. The defending champions Bayern Munich are in the lead with the black and yellows in the second position, only four points behind.

The former Juventus and Liverpool star Can, still believes that if the season returns, Dortmund will scale to the first position.


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